Thursday, March 20, 2008

Color Blind

I have the privilege of joining some amazing artists on the 29th of March over at the project gallery. The theme of the show is color blind, so all the work will be mainly black and white. It's going to be a lot of fun. Come check it out if you can.

When I was trying to think of ideas for the show, it was a little difficult. I knew I wanted to paint something. I didn't really want to do a drawing. But if I was going to paint, I wanted it to be black and white for a reason. So with the help of my awesome roomates, I came up the idea to do a scene that looks like it was captured with an old black and white camera. Or something like that...its not really supposed to be a photo..just old. Does that make sense? I just woke up and I'm not too bright in the first place, so I'm too good at explaining things. Anyway, here's the start of the painting. I would have taken more process, but the camera batteries were dead and I had to get new ones. Enjoy!

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