Tuesday, October 6, 2009

baby tattoovile

Yoskay was a part of "Baby Tattooville" this past weekend and I had the opportunity to head down and hang out with all the amazing artists for a night. I thought I'd just share a couple pictures I gathered from people who were smart enough to remember their cameras. If you haven't heard of "Baby Tattooville" before and you're an art fan, it's something you're definitely going to want to check out.
yoskays room before a whole bunch of booze and $93 of un-eaten room service.

Yosk, Kat, and Josh

start of the BT colab

KMNDZ and Simkins goin at it.

Yoskay and Hussar(one of the nicest dudes ever)

Travis Louie's turn

Audrey gets in there with Greg

everyone jams for the last 40 minutes

the finished product with the whole gang

me and tara

me being yosk...and yosk being me. :)

When the models tell you you're drawings are bad, i think it's a sign not to drink and draw.

if i come across any more fun pictures, i'll post them up. Thanks to all the amazing artists and amazingly nice collectors that made the day so much fun.


yoskay said...

i should be you more often:P

beau b said...

Don't drink and draw...but do drank and driw. i think there is something on the "models" boob.

Joshua said...

I need one of your rabbit masks next time I go so the pictures will look better... At least Yoskay acknowledged my threats and blurred the picture ;)

Tan said...

N! It was a great time at BT. Drinking and drawing isn't all too bad. Those sketches are great. I think the models were just egging you on to get some more sketches. Maybe the challenge will yield them more sketches from your book.