Wednesday, February 8, 2012

people are terrible

I headed out to take a little break and take the dog around the block today and walked right into the middle of an attempted suicide. Right next door to my building is a radio tower where a naked man was balancing on the very top railing and, in between making tarzan calls and singing, he shouted about how cruel the world is and how he wished he was never born. At the same time people swarmed from blocks away toward him with cameras, screaming things like, "jump, you pussy!", eager to get that one horrible, youtube worthy shot. I don't know who had less respect for life..the man or the people watching.

pretty disgusting scene

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Anonymous said...

How terrible. I once saw a man land on the sidewalk after he fell or jumped (I never found out which) off a building. Luckily the few people around were more compassionate (and I think in shock) to behave so awful. Seeing someone die I guess is different than seeing someone considering it. Hopefully the man you saw was helped and getting treatment by kinder people.